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The easiest, fastest and smartest way to automate

Redwood Robotics™ software is the only solution which delivers a growing and re-usable catalog of tens of thousands of plug-and-play robots that can be deployed simply and quickly to help you robotize your processes easily and quickly. The catalog is created, maintained and supported by Redwood, so you don't need to worry about development resources. You can also easily and quickly build new robots or adapt and deploy an existing robot to match your specific needs. 



The most powerful enterprise-grade robotic process automation

Robots are the answer to speeding up the inefficient back-office processes that hold your organization back. Robots let businesses operate at digital speeds. Automating the back office minimizes mistakes and speeds up the business, leaving people to focus on more productive work.

Redwood Robotics software eliminates the need for you to build, maintain and run your robots. With tens of thousands of pre-built robots ready to go and approximately less than 1 FTE from needed to manage a typical process of around 30-50 robots, we deliver the painless path to robotics, the lowest TCO and the shortest time to value.